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I Have COVID-19! The Virus Found Me! After over two years into the pandemic, COVID-19 finally found me! I have taken all of the recommended precautions with a high level of diligence since my husband has a compromised immune system. Nevertheless, the virus found me, and I have not been this ill for a very […]

I Have COVID-19… What I Am Most Concerned About

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Breakfast Sets The Tone Starting the day with a healthy meal can set the tone for the entire day. A healthy breakfast is a ritual that embodies self care and nourishment to the physical body which houses our spirit/soul/essence. If done mindfully, this morning ritual can prove to extend through the rest of the day. […]

My Favorite Healthy Breakfasts


HEART DISEASE IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH AMONG WOMEN IN THE UNITIED STATES! Improving heart health is critical for women of all ages (read my blog post about this). Abnormal cholesterol is strongly associated with heart disease. A common perception, however, is that the cholesterol itself is “bad.” While abnormal cholesterol levels may be […]

10 Causes of High Cholesterol in Women: What You Might Not Know

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Toxin exposure is a prominent health concern in our world today. Pesticides are one form of potential toxin that can cause all kinds of problems in our bodies including inflammation, hormone disruption, nervous system disruption, cancer, oxidative stress and damage in the cells and all organs of the body. Functional medicine places a heavy emphasis […]

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women. Attending to the health of our hearts is important business at any age. Heart health is especially important, however, as we head into our middle years and beyond. (Read about my 13 Foundational Pillars of Midlife Health). In honor of Healthy Heart Month, lets gift […]

Bring Health to Your Heart with These Strategies


I often prescribe an Elimination Diet as a starting point for deep healing of the body. The Elimination Diet is a very powerful approach to healing. It can completely resolve symptoms that have lingered chronically and have not responded to traditional medical treatments. The Elimination Diet has the power to bring the entire body to […]

The Healing Power of Elimination Diet


ginger tea for immune health support

Sweater Weather Reminders It is officially sweater weather!  Oh Joy! Fall is my favorite season, and I am in love with the transition from summer to the cooler months of the year. The air seems fresher. The stunning color changes are warm and inviting. I love the mysterious morning fog that breaks into afternoon sunshine and fall […]

Orange sweater and hat with camera

Depression is one of the most common disorders I treat. It is also something I have had personal experience with. This illness can leave you feeling in a fog. It can wrap you in a veil such as these clouds are creating with this mountain in the photograph. It can have a significant effect on […]

OAT – A Functional Medicine Test that Changed How I Manage My Depression


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