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Skin care has become more of a priority for me recently. This is due in large part to the obvious changes I am noticing from natural aging of my skin. As I begin the journey into my 6th decade of life I am noticing more and more the evidence of aging that reflects my unique […]

Aging Skin Care Recommendations

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Functional medicine has been life changing for my health. My chronic health problems began when I was in my 20s after traveling in West Africa. Following a gastrointestinal infection I acquired while traveling there, I have struggled with a variety of chronic health symptoms and conditions including IBS, depression, and joint pain. In recent years […]

How Functional Medicine Resolved My Chronic Symptoms!


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women. Attending to the health of our hearts is important business at any age. Heart health is especially important, however, as we head into our middle years and beyond. (Read about my 13 Foundational Pillars of Midlife Health). In honor of Healthy Heart Month, lets gift […]

Bring Health to Your Heart with These Strategies


Many people have routine blood tests done at least once yearly at their annual preventive health exam or with their PCP. These tests typically include screenings for anemia, diabetes, electrolyte imbalances, liver disorders, kidney disorders, and abnormal cholesterol. Many of these tests are also used when determining a diagnosis for bothersome symptoms or illness. Sometimes […]

Many women come to me complaining of hot flashes and night sweats. Often times these are significant enough to interfere with their work lives, personal lives, and sleep. Up to 80 % of women suffer from vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) during the menopausal transition. 70% of these women do not get treatment for this condition. […]

Hot flash! You Don’t Need to Suffer!


Functional Medicine is a science based approach to health care. It’s focuses is to evaluate the health of overall body systems function to identify the root cause of symptoms and chronic illness. I believe this holistic approach can offer amazing whole health results.

What is Holistic & Functional Medicine?


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Midlife is a fantastic opportunity to take stock of our health. With the menopausal transition, it seems a natural time to take a good look at the lifestyle and health habits we are maintaining (or not maintaining) as well as the overall condition of our health. As we start to think about our retirement years and goals for that stretch of our lives, we should consider reevaluating our health practices and revising our actions with our older self in mind.

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