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Why I Am Passionate About Mental Health One area of my practice I am absolutely passionate about is utilizing an integrative approach to treat mental health. My own personal experience with depression definitely contributes to this passion to help others. However, more than anything else, I cherish being able to help clients come through the […]

An Integrative Approach to Mental Health

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Functional medicine has been life changing for my health. My chronic health problems began when I was in my 20s after traveling in West Africa. Following a gastrointestinal infection I acquired while traveling there, I have struggled with a variety of chronic health symptoms and conditions including IBS, depression, and joint pain. In recent years […]

How Functional Medicine Resolved My Chronic Symptoms!


One of the most common concerns midlife women bring to me is mood swings or mood changes. Many women report low motivation, mood swings, irritability, feeling anxious or worried, feeling hopeless, brain fog, forgetfulness, difficulty with focus, tearfulness, and insomnia. Mood changes often manifest during premenopausal, perimenopausal, and menopause transitions. It is a natural tendency […]

Mood Swings… Is It My Hormones?


Anxiety is one of the most common conditions I treat in women. I have seen a very definite increase in anxiety since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Anxiety can take a variety of forms. It can express itself in a subtle sense and generalized fashion, or it can be more targeted and towards specific […]

Depression has been a lifelong journey for me. In this article I will share my personal experience with this chronic illness. I have used both traditional medicine and natural approaches to treat my depression over the years. Recently I changed my treatment strategy to a functional medicine approach, and found some surprising details about my […]

My Journey with Depression and How I Came to a Holistic and Functional Medicine Approach to Treatment

Mental Health

Depression is one of the most common disorders I treat. It is also something I have had personal experience with. This illness can leave you feeling in a fog. It can wrap you in a veil such as these clouds are creating with this mountain in the photograph. It can have a significant effect on […]

OAT – A Functional Medicine Test that Changed How I Manage My Depression


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