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Skin care has become more of a priority for me recently. This is due in large part to the obvious changes I am noticing from natural aging of my skin. As I begin the journey into my 6th decade of life I am noticing more and more the evidence of aging that reflects my unique […]

Aging Skin Care Recommendations

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Functional medicine has been life changing for my health. My chronic health problems began when I was in my 20s after traveling in West Africa. Following a gastrointestinal infection I acquired while traveling there, I have struggled with a variety of chronic health symptoms and conditions including IBS, depression, and joint pain. In recent years […]

How Functional Medicine Resolved My Chronic Symptoms!


One of the most common concerns midlife women bring to me is mood swings or mood changes. Many women report low motivation, mood swings, irritability, feeling anxious or worried, feeling hopeless, brain fog, forgetfulness, difficulty with focus, tearfulness, and insomnia. Mood changes often manifest during premenopausal, perimenopausal, and menopause transitions. It is a natural tendency […]

Mood Swings… Is It My Hormones?


Menopause and the related transition period from start to finish can take up a considerable amount of time in a woman’s life extending over a period of over 20 years in some cases. There is a lot of information written about menopause and various approaches that can be used to address the symptoms related to […]

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