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Wise Words… and Wisdom During times when I am grieving or experiencing turmoil or pain in my life, I often look to words of wise masters who lived before me. Rumi is one of those… whose words I find to be simple yet magnificent in their truth. I find Rumi’s words in his poem, The […]

The Guest House… by Rumi

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Meditation.. and Guidance This morning I received a sign from Spirit… a feather. I have struggled recently… for various reasons.  When I struggle like this, I find myself yearning to go inward… to visit the place of my true voice, my essence, my soul. And this morning I allowed myself to travel there. I began […]

The Feather Sign… From Spirit


I am a women’s health nurse practitioner and offer a holistic approach to women’s healthcare. What this means is that I focus on the whole person including the body, the mind, and the energy or spirit. Traditional medicine places most focus on the physical body and the mind. I believe equal emphasis should be placed […]

Reiki Meditation for Women


Image of imagined energy that cannot be seen but can be sensed

Transported A new perspective can inspire profound change. It will often bring fresh motivation and a new wisdom to guide your journey. I was recently in another place in the world, Berlin, Germany. My arrival there on August 8th, immersed me in this place that is not familiar to me.  I am faced with a new […]

When life presents with more stress at times, and I am faced with unrelenting anxiety, I often self soothe by walking meditation in the early morning hours. This morning I was up before dawn – much on my mind. As I walked through the darkness of the house I felt soothed by the quiet that […]

Morning Birds…


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