The Feather Sign… From Spirit

September 20, 2021

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My Feather Sign… from Spirit

Meditation.. and Guidance

This morning I received a sign from Spirit… a feather. I have struggled recently… for various reasons.  When I struggle like this, I find myself yearning to go inward… to visit the place of my true voice, my essence, my soul. And this morning I allowed myself to travel there. I began pondering my inner turmoil during my morning ritual… sipping coffee outside in the garden, sitting by the fire.  With my eyes closed, I was thinking and meditating and praying… listening for that inner voice that speaks from my piece of “The Whole”… “God”… “Spirit”.

While in this state of quiet mind, listening… my thoughts centered on my recent inner struggles… how to integrate my spiritual gifts with my medical practice.  In this stillness, I became lost… deep in this meditative space… many ideas swirling around inside my head. I was happily “seeing” and “listening” to my inner world… this is my happy place… the place I am most comfortable and often most creative. I was thinking of ways to integrate meditation and Reiki practice with my medical practice as a way to help women to heal.  My mind has been consumed with this idea for the last couple of weeks, and I have asked for a sign from my Inner Guidance… to let me know that I am headed in the right direction.   

Morning Garden and a Sign

This morning the sounds of my garden surrounded me… captured me… I listened to the birds chirping, a hummingbird’s wings buzzing by, the sound of the water trickling in the small fountain, and the hum of the fire.  As I was basking in the heat of the fire flames, enjoying the warmth on my face, and noticing the heat of my coffee cup nestled in my hands, my inner focus centered on letting go of everything that does not serve me. And I began imagining those things… the worry… the turmoil… drifting away like clouds.  Moments went by, and suddenly, I found myself wishing I could receive the sign from Spirit I have asked for… a sign that would indicate I should go ahead with the ideas that were taking form in my mind. 

A Feather Sign

I sat in stillness for some time. When I opened my eyes, I saw the tiniest of feathers drift by in the air directly in front of my face.  In wonder, I followed the small feather with my gaze as it floated past and away from me in the gentle breeze, a few feet to my right.  It continued to float further away, and instinctively, I held out my right hand… palm open… resting just above my lap. My hand waited there as if hoping to catch the feather. 

The feather continued to magically drift away to my right until it was about 3 feet from me about eye level.  Then, suddenly, the feather shifted direction and began to float towards me.  It came closer with what appeared to be an intentional change of direction… until it rested in the open palm of my hand.  A small gift.  A gift from That Which is Greater Than Us… from the realm that connects all of us… that which we do not fully understand.  It became my sign from Spirit… a sign to move ahead… and so it is.   

And So It Is… My Feather Sign From Spirit

We heal when we tune in to our essence… our inner light. When we are able to sit quietly and access this inner light, and allow it to expand, answers come forth to help us move forward towards our purpose. We heal as well when we share our light… our spirit… with others.  I will be offering a FREE Reiki Meditation Healing Session for women this month.  This will be a live virtual event on Facebook. My hope is that you will join me as together we access our own individual light, expand on that light, and share the light collectively with others. This Live Reiki Meditation will leave you feeling rested, at peace, and surrounded by grace.  Please join me on September 22, 2021 in celebration of the Autumn Equinox.  Go to my website to find out more

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