A New Perspective… from Berlin

August 31, 2021

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Meet Kimberly


A new perspective can inspire profound change. It will often bring fresh motivation and a new wisdom to guide your journey. I was recently in another place in the world, Berlin, Germany. My arrival there on August 8th, immersed me in this place that is not familiar to me.  I am faced with a new perspective! My mind sorts through the new sensory experience as I sit in my new “home”. My residence for the next 3 weeks is the borrowed flat of a Tango instructor who lives in Prenzlauer Berg on the East side of Berlin.   

It is my belief that all things happen for a reason. I “found” this Tango Instructor’s place in the world, and I am transported straight into her living space at 10 Oderburger Strasse. It is my belief that I am meant to be here in this place at this time, and I will undoubtedly gain a fresh and new perspective from the experience of my stay. I will gather new insight to bring to my life at home, and will consider myself a bit more wise and expanded.

The Tango instructor’s essence surrounds me. It is a unique experience to live in another’s place… absent of her physical presence.  Her belongings and life expressions are gathered around me as I peer into her mirrored home dance studio from the kitchen. I feel happy to be here in her artistic abode living among her plants, her many books, and her belongings. The energy she has created suits me well. This morning I am sitting at her kitchen table gazing out onto the quiet tree-lined street.

New Neighborhood

The neighborhood is waking for the day.  This charming cobblestone street lined with flats and restaurants spills over with outdoor seating and patio lights.  I hear the birds that have found their habitat here on this street. This is their place in the world.  They sound much like my birds at home, and I feel welcomed by their greeting songs.  I watch as people stroll by en route to their morning destinations… some walking… some riding bicycles. The bicyclists pedal along in the bike lanes that nearly take over the roads here. They ride easily, casually seated upright with straight backs and without helmets. They seem much less hurried here in comparison to home.

All movement occurs with ease here.  Adults and children pass by without haste.  The blue sky rises above the roofline of the flats across the street signaling a nice sunny day ahead.  The air is cool, and I have opened the big windows in the Tango instructor’s flat. I can feel close to the activity passing by on the street and hear the morning sounds.  I hear pieces of German conversations pass by, and it is so nice to see people out and about after this long and challenging year and a half the world has had.   There are few cars moving by. It is refreshing to see people dressed in their casual attire moving towards work or school or an outdoor patio for coffee. Their commute seems relaxed. I admire the European ways which seem so simple.

First Morning and A Gift

I have made my morning coffee in the stove top Bialetti espresso maker. This is the European way, and I enjoy the novelty of the process.  I drink my coffee from a miniature “tasse” placed on a small, mismatched saucer.

Seated at the Tango instructor’s kitchen table, I gaze at a hand drawn map of Berlin that my son has created for me.  He has outlined and highlighted the areas in this grand city where he knows I will find happiness… coffee shops, city parks, the river, flea markets, farmers markets, second hand stores, an abandoned airport now park, places to walk and hike, more coffee places, a park with an outdoor theater.  

My son has carefully marked my Berlin “home”. I have a less than desirable sense of direction, and knowing me so well, he understands this. So that I can see his own history, he has proudly marked his trail of living quarters from his two years in residence here. He has carefully crafted “A Rough Guide to Berlin” with colored pens and in his handwriting.  This young man has gifted his mother with a thoughtful gesture.  A feeling of pure joy and gratitude envelopes me in this moment as I study the map.


I have spent the morning only with my cup of coffee. The Tango instructor has left her collection of houseplants in my care. I have watered them for the first time, and they peer happily out the windows to the sunshine.  My soul shines large and is thrilled to be here experiencing this.  I feel happy to be connected to this new and unfamiliar place and its essence, and I am filled with excitement for what this adventure brings…the unfolding of a new perspective.  This experience is out of my norm and feels nourishing and life giving to my mind and soul. 

Healthy Perspective

A new perspective often contributes positively to our health as I recently wrote about in my Instagram post Experiencing Berlin for these 3 weeks will undoubtedly inspire me and motivate me in many ways that will bring new health to my body, mind, and soul. You can do the same! Throw yourself into something new and different and see what happens. Try my new way of approaching women’s health, and find the answers to the questions you have been asking for so long! I promise you that new health will result for you! I hope you get a chance to read through my website where I describe my new holistic and functional medicine approach to women’s health. Schedule a free consultation with me to ask your questions and find out more about how my approach may be beneficial for you! Simply follow this link to my schedule!

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