Morning Birds…

August 2, 2021

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When life presents with more stress at times, and I am faced with unrelenting anxiety, I often self soothe by walking meditation in the early morning hours. This morning I was up before dawn – much on my mind. As I walked through the darkness of the house I felt soothed by the quiet that enveloped me. After moments of gentle steps and meditative movement, my attention was taken as I heard the first call of the birds on this day. The little bird sounded it’s song bright and cheerful, a solo to the world. And although a quiet reverie, it sounded pure and loud to my ears. I reveled in the fact that I was likely the only human in the neighborhood hearing this gentle song that called out. And then another bird called back in answer. And this persisted, one voice calling out and the other responding back and forth in the pure moments before the sunrise. The birds know to do this instinctively. They are sounding the awakening of the day, their sweet song that they have made it through the darkness of the night and are safe and present for a new dawn. Their sweet voices were pure joy to my ears. And I was reminded that even those of us who have quiet voices, have brilliant and wise messages to sound out into the world. And it is our obligation to shine our light and sing out our message… and although we may sing quietly, when our song is directed or guided to the intended receivers, our message will sound loud and clear and brilliant. I am reminded by my little bird friends to sing my song out into the world today. In gratitude and with joy, I will do just that.

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