Founding Story… Valencia & Sage, LLC

August 2, 2021

POST: Founding story...valencia & sage

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I'm Kimberly - a women's health functional nurse practitioner.  I am here to help you achieve vibrant health!

Meet Kimberly

Valencia… that’s me… Kimberly Valencia. The name Valencia is precious and inspiring to me in many ways. Not only does it have a beautiful spoken sound, but it also has, significant meaning to me and inspires the work that I do. It is, in a sense, part of my personal brand.
The word Valencia is Latin in origin and means “brave, strong and healthy”. It derives from Valentinus, a saint’s name. It is the feminine form of the word “valor” meaning “power or force”. It is also a place name for the beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, known for its fragrant citrus.

& Sage… the word sage also has inspirational qualities to me. Sage means wisdom, “learned”, “prophetic and perceptive”. Sage is also a healing and culinary herb native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. An evocatively fragrant herb, sage is used in some cultures and spiritual practices to clear unwanted and negative energy and to raise vibrational frequency which I have come to understand is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing.

The name Valencia & Sage represents values that together inspire me and guide my work and philosophy. Brave, strong, healthy, powerful and beautiful… are values which I strive to achieve in every aspect of my being. They are qualities that motivate me and inspire me to become the best woman that I can be. They are qualities that I am committed to empowering other women to embody.

Wisdom, knowledge, intuition, healing and spirituality… are qualities that guide my unique way of healing. Sage represents the wisdom, knowledge and intuition I have gained over 35 years as a nurse and 14 of those years practicing as a women’s health nurse practitioner and primary health care provider. It represents the knowledge, intuition and perception that comes from listening to and working with women for so long.

The healing qualities of sage represent my passion for and commitment to practicing holistic health and intuitive healing. This type of healing encompasses the whole person and not just the “illness”. Holistic healing utilizes a wide variety of healing modalities including complementary and alternative practices along with compassionate listening and honoring of the uniqueness of each woman.

Holistic healing addresses not only the body but also the mind, emotions, and energetic body and the spirit/soul. I believe that acknowledgement of the soul and its importance to health is left out of the health care system in Western medicine. I believe that we can only achieve true and complete wellness or health of the whole person if we acknowledge all components in the being including our soul.

I started Valencia & Sage, LLC in part due to my frustration with the present state of our health care system in the United States. This system did not allow me to practice medicine in a way that is aligned with my true purpose as a healer. I prefer to practice with an integrative and holistic approach and to be able to spend the time I need with each woman in order to give her the best possible care. This approach was not supported in a traditional clinic practice. With this misalignment, I felt my integrity being compromised, and this began to have a negative effect on my physical and mental health.

The other reason I founded Valencia & Sage, LLC is because of you! You have taught me so much! I have counseled thousands of women in my work, and the learning I have received from you has been nothing less than astounding and truly inspiring! Here is what I have learned from you over the years…
You are unique. There is no one in this world who is exactly like you. You want to be able to express your uniqueness and to tell the world what brings you joy and sorrow, what and who you love, what inspires you, what motivates you, what you feel you are struggling with or have struggled with, your dreams and desires… all of these qualities that make you who you are.
You want to be heard. Your story is important and you want it to be heard. You know and understand your body better than anyone else does. You have opinions to share about what may and may not be helpful to you, and you want these also to be heard and respected.
You want information. You want to be educated about your body and how it works. You want information about the transitions your female body goes through over time. You want to be informed about your health conditions, the diagnostic process, test results and treatment options. You want answers to your questions.
You want a holistic approach. You want a healing approach that considers your mind, body and spirit. You want your treatment plan to include nutrition, exercise, supplements, mind/body techniques, complementary and alternative healing approaches as well as traditional western medicine options.
You want to be able to make your own health decisions … after all it is your body and your health and your life. You want to feel empowered to make the best decisions for yourself.
You want accessibility. Your time is important… you do not want to have to waste it by sitting in a reception area or exam room. You want to be able to reach your provider readily and easily and to receive a timely response by text, telephone or email.
You want to feel young and vibrant! You want to feel balance, joy, vibrant health, and connection. You want to feel a sense of hope and that your health will carry you into the future in a way that allows you to manifest your dreams and desires.

I have created **Valencia & Sage, LLC** to provide for you some of the things that I feel are missing from our current health care system and to allow you to move beyond the structure of that system to a different way of healing so that you can achieve peace, bliss, ease, grace, good health, and joy in your life.
I want to acknowledge your uniqueness and listen to your story. I want to hold space for you. I want to provide you with information so that you feel empowered to make the right decisions for yourself. I want to explain the vast array of options you have to address your health concerns. I want to be accessible to you. I want to answer your questions. I want to reassure you, encourage you and empower you. I want you to believe that you are capable of achieving vibrant health. I want to inspire you to achieve your health and wellness goals and to set the stage now for the best years of your life. I want you to feel young, healthy, wise, strong powerful and beautiful no matter what your age.
By writing this blog I hope to offer midlife women another way to approach health and wellness. We are living in an incredible time of collective transition and transformation, and my intent is to raise the feminine vibration through health, wellness and empowerment and to contribute to a better world balance for humankind. You all deserve more than what the current health system in the US has to offer, and I believe a new paradigm needs to be presented. This moment now has presented itself to me and I feel as if I am being guided by something greater than myself towards a new path for women’s healing and wellness. The accumulation of my life experience, career path, intuition, and the things I have learned from you have allowed me to manifest this new creation for you, and I am so very excited to work with you.

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