Clouded Mountain…

August 2, 2021

POST: Founding story...valencia & sage

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What lies behind the cloud cover…

Coming to terms with the fact that sometimes the clouds hide the view. Sometimes “clouds” allow the world an obscured view of our full beauty much like the clouds covering a beautiful mountain in this photograph. While some may prefer the cover of these clouds as a sort of protective defense, others feel they have no control over the clouds that are hiding their truth. Sometimes the clouds hang around for long periods of time, and at other times, the clouds pass by softly in the breeze and only give faint cover for a moment. it is my opinion that even when the clouds are dense and heavy and feel oppressive, this can simply be a reminder that we have the great human ability to use our creativity and imagination. Look at the clouds in the picture… do you feel your mind going to work immediately to come up with the true picture behind the obstruction? It is a natural tendency to do this even without thinking about it. And the beauty in this is that we have the potential to create or imagine unlimited beauty in our minds… beauty that stands in all glory behind those clouds waiting to be revealed to the world. The act of manifesting our hidden beauty or glorious potential begins with our human ability to creatively image the story that we would like to reveal. Wishing you great joy in re imagining beauty behind the clouds today… the world waits in suspense for your inspired composition. 

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