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It's possible to feel amazing at this stage of your life! I’ll show you how.  

Helping women find the answers they have been looking for so they can create vibrant health at any stage of life!

I believe you need a different type of health care... one that based on the following concepts.

HOLISTIC PHILOSOPHY - Addresses the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH - Views the body as a whole system.  Designed to find the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms or illness.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE - Uses a blend of Western medicine and complementary or alternative treatment approaches.

EMPOWERMENT - Provides you with knowledge, answers, support, and accountability.

PATIENT FOCUSED - Values your time, your opinions, your priorities, and emphasizes accessibility and stellar communication.

And, you're tired of not getting the answers to your health concerns! You want to know what is causing you to feel this way!  And you want to feel better!

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Hello Beautiful Women! My name is Kimberly Valencia! I am a women’s health nurse practitioner.  I am so happy to welcome you to Valencia & Sage, LLC where I offer women in midlife a unique way of approaching health and wellness. I want to take this opportunity to share a little bit about myself and my philosophy. I have been a nurse for 35 years and 14 of those years a nurse practitioner serving women in primary care. I have learned a great deal from the women I have worked with, and with that knowledge and understanding, I have come to believe that women need a different approach to health and wellness. I have created Valencia & Sage, LLC to inspire women to achieve the vibrant health they desire and deserve.  I love practicing with a holistic and functional medicine approach. I believe in identifying symptoms but not masking them. I believe in thorough testing to find the root cause of the health problem. I believe in supporting health with nutrition, activity, supplements, lifestyle and mind/body approaches, and I believe prescription medication is a last resort.  I am a fanatic about healthy lifestyle and believe this to be foundational to health.  I am almost 60 years old and feel awesome!  I believe you can too!

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"I had the honor of being one of Kimberly's first patients at her clinic, Vashon Womens Health Center, and then again at Franciscan Health in Tacoma. She was my primary health care provider; however, her role in my wellbeing, was much more than that. Kimberly has always had a passion for a holistic approach in women's health care, and she has been a true ally in my midlife years. Kimberly takes the time to listen. And she does this with her heart. I feel heard, cared for and always walk away with a plan on how to move forward that leads to feeling my best! Kimberly's knowledge is immeasurable, and she has the natural instinct to know just what you need that will inspire and empower you! I could go on and on, singing her beautiful praises and how she has changed my life and I am sure I could easily put together a choir of woman that will sing with me!" Diane 

"Kimberly takes the time to listen... and she does this with her heart..."

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When life presents with more stress at times, and I am faced with unrelenting anxiety, I often self soothe by walking meditation in the early morning hours. This morning I was up before dawn - much on my mind. As I walked through the darkness of the house I felt soothed by the quiet that enveloped me. After moments of gentle steps and meditative movement, my attention was taken...

A Morning Ritual

Valencia… that’s me… Kimberly Valencia. The name Valencia is precious and inspiring to me in many ways. Not only does it have a beautiful spoken sound, but it also has, significant meaning to me and inspires the work that I do. It is, in a sense, part of my personal brand.   

Valencia & Sage, LLC... Founding Story

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